Stoked Spoke

Swift Industries hosts a three part route sharing series called Stoked Spoke, where people who have gone on rad bike camping adventures share their routes in 5 or 10 minute presentations. For their December night, I shared my solo tour around the Hood Canal. 

We ran into a number of technical difficulties throughout the night, so most of the time during my presentation, I ended up talking through my trip, without the aid of maps, photos, or visuals. Here is my presentation in full.  (PDF of the powerpoint.)

I think, with that, I'm done writing about my solo tour. Before I finish completely, I want to give some space to the lessons learned from my trip. Here are my top 7 lessons from my solo tour:

  1. Don't give your map away on Day2. You might still need it.
  2. Carry toilet paper & body wipes.
  3. When all you have to do is ride a bike all day, you can go a lot further than you think.
  4. American flag on the back on the bike. A+ would do again.
  5. Eye of the Tiger is a great hill climbing song.
  6. Anybody can go for a bike tour. Even if you don't know how to read a map when you start planning!
  7. Camp shoes. Not just for camp. Sometimes you just don't want to be clipped in.