Bike Month 2015 Wrap Up

Holy Moley! May is over and what a month! I biked every single day of the month, which is definitely a record for me! For the first time ever, I tracked every single bike ride. Here are my #s for May:

92 trips

543 miles

34 commutes

3 camping trips



Seriously though, this is WAY more than I've ever biked in one month. 2014 was the first year I'd ever seriously participated in Bike to Work month, and I did a decent job of biking to work. I got 42 miles in, which with a commute of 4 miles round trip, is pretty darn good! This year, however, I made an effort to Bike Everywhere, and it really paid off! My longest trip was 52 miles, which was to Ben Country, but other than that, most of my trips were 10 miles, 15 miles, or even shorter. Just lots and lots of short trips to here, there, and everywhere!

I wonder if I can rack up even more miles as the months go on?