How I Started Riding Bikes

I get this question all the time. "Marley- how in the world did you get so into bike riding?" or "You commute to work EVERY DAY by bike? How in the world did you start doing that?" Honestly, it's the only happiness I've found in my adult life. I've been running away from a deep unhappiness, lonliness, and unfulfilled life for such a long time and bicyling is the only thing that has felt right. I don't know that will continue to fill this void in my soul, but for now, it is working.

With my bike, I feel like I can explore anywhere. I can just go. I am free. I'm not constrained by anything except my own body, and that I can refuel, rest, and keep going. Nobody else but me can disappoint, betray, leave behind, or screw over. I can learn to repair broken parts on my bike, I can pump up flat tires, fix the broken spoke, and I can keep going. 

Three years ago, I was married. Shortly thereafter I was divorced. Like, really shortly therafter. 6 months after. In practical terms,  my new situation left me living on Capitol Hill with a car that I never used. In emotional terms, I was an absolute disaster. Thankfully, I lived around the corner from a super cool bike shop, had a bunch of friends who rode bikes, and were way into it when I said I wanted to ride. I quickly bought a bike, sold my car, and it's been a quick spiral down the rabbit hole. Since June of 2013, I've owned 5 different bikes, plus my membership to Pronto Cycle Share. I currently only own 3 bikes, but always have my eye out for my next steed.

Bike touring is my latest adventure, and honestly, where I've found the most enjoyment. Open roads, endless possibilities (except I usually have to be back at work by Monday), starry skies above my campsite. More to come as I find more and more to love on two wheels.