New Design, New Features!

I've been so neglectful of this blog. Sorry. I had such high hopes for surgery recovery- I was going to use my downtime to learn a new hobby, to walk all over town, to read books, to catch up on tv, to learn to cook. And you know what I did? NOTHING! 

Truth be told, the last 5 weeks were glorious. I relaxed. I can't tell you the last time in my adult life that I have come home from work and haven't rushed off to the next thing, or gone straight to a bike ride, or had my schedule packed so full that by the time Friday came around I was exhausted. 

I've truly just taken the time to lay back and heal and it's been really nice. Sure, I've read some books (and in the process, become OBSESSED with the John Muir Trail. Seriously, who wants to go backpacking with me in the spring?) I've gotten really good at chopping garlic, my break making skills have gotten better, and yep, I know what kind of wine I like a little more precisely. 

And funny enough, as soon as I slowed down, I found that I actually had time to date somebody and actually get to know them at a really slow, wonderful pace!  Who knows if it was the timing of the surgery or if we just happened into each other's lives at the right time, but its been a lovely past 4 weeks. Funny timing though, being off the bike and not having that be part of the beginning of our relationship at all.

Tomorrow I'll find out if I can get back on the bike. I really hope that I can. I miss my friends on my bike. I miss seeing my city by bike. I miss participating in the activities that happen by bike. All in due time I guess.

Anyway- I know there are things about this new template that are weird and wonky- please let me know if you find things that need to be updated. I'll continue to fix them as I find them. The hope was that readers would be able to contribute more easily and find old posts easier. I would also be able to add more trip reports and not just in blog form. We'll see how it goes!