Great North, Here I Come!

Yesterday I booked a plane ticket to Alaska. A friend posted on Facebook about super cheap plane tickets to Anchorage so of course I had to look, and I have zero impulse control, and now, here we are.

I leave on May 27th, 6 days after my 30th birthday, with a tentative plan to bike camp in and around Chugach State Park. I’ve got 4 weeks to plan the exact details of this trip, including how to box up my bike, where exactly I’m going to camp, the food situation, and the whole bear spray deal.

But holy shit! I’m going to Alaska, by myself, to explore, just for fun, because I can! #campallthetime 

So, any suggestions of must-see places that are bike-able from Anchorage? Favorite campgrounds? Let me hear all about it!