Best. May. Ever.

Wowza! What a freaking month! This might go down as my favorite month of being alive...ever? Any month where you visit 2 National Parks has to be special, right?

I'm still reeling from everything that happened this month and the ever growing mountain of laundry in my room is proof.

A short recap:

  • 100k Night Randonneuring Ride
  • Bus + Bike Trip to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River (I'll write this one up at some point, because holy cow- taking the bus to go bike camping was a whole new level of awesome!)
  • 30th Birthday Camping trip to Ocean Shores complete with razor clam digging & gravel bike ride through the rainforest
  • Top Chef home game night cooking competition with my friends
  • Solo weekend adventure to Alaska! (I'll also do a separate post on this, or three, it was THAT good!)
  • Bike Everywhere Month with 82 coworkers- our biggest turnout yet! And tons of successful programming at The Bikery! 

I also might have exciting news to report soon on my career. I'm tight lipped for now, but there could be big changes coming soon!

For now, here's a slideshow of the best month ever (click through for photos- not the most intuitive interface.)  I hope June continues to be just as wonderful!