Let's Talk About that Science March

I really hope that everyone at the Science March today used a carbon neutral form of transportation to get there, used recycled material to make their signs, recycles their signs after the march, and actually does something meaningful with the energy from today.

Not sure what to do next? Well, here are some ideas, just for starters:

  • -Bring your own coffee cup to the coffee shop every damn time. Over 4.12 billion gallons of water are used to make paper coffee cups annually.
  • Stop using plastic straws. If you really like straws (I do), get some metal ones, and use those.
  • Read the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reports of the companies you shop from, and if they're not doing what you want, demand more, or buy from brands who are doing it. Ask what the carbon footprint is, where they're getting electricity from, how much renewable energy they buy, and how much water they use. Nearly every company publishes this. Read it and spend your $$ where it matters. WalMart, Starbucks, L'Oreal, REI, Patagonia, IKEA, Dell - they're all very public about this. Read it, ask questions.
  • Sort your damn trash. Stop sending food waste to the landfill where it isn't breaking down into productive stuff, and is instead making methane. If your work, doesn't have compost and recycling yet, make it happen. There's no reason in 2017 for every work place to have responsible waste streams.