Trying something new...

The response to the "with these THIGHS" project has been overwhelming. l've sent out over 150 stickers so far and the demand isn't slowing down. People from Massachusetts, Colorado, Arkansas, Oregon, Belgium, and Idaho will soon be proudly showing off their love for their strong thighs. 

I'm the first to admit I'm not organized at all. In fact, my life is kind of a disaster. So keeping track of who I had sent stickers to via Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, email and Twitter was just asking for trouble. As the project grows and more people find it through the internet, I'm transitioning the stickers to this site.

You can totally still get them through me (happily!!), but in order to cover my costs for printing and shipping, I'm going to start charging a bit for them. I would like to make just enough to cover the next round of printing- I'm definitely not turning this into a side hustle or getting rich off these.

So, if you'd like some, please find a link to order them here! (and please let me know any feedback!) This is the first time I've ever tried "selling" something.