A Leap of Faith...and a crash

I read one time that life is all about bold moves. Asking out the person you have a crush on, saying yes to skinny dipping at midnight, chasing that dream job. Well, I just made a really bold move and am seriously wondering if I was massively wrong.


I worked at the same company for 9 years.  A very steady, decently paying (not amazing), kind of boring job. This company has billions in the bank (in cash), a generous vacation policy, and phenomenal insurance. We’re talking 100% company sponsored insurance. But I was bored, frustrated for working for the man, and felt like I was crashing into a glass ceiling. So three weeks ago I quit.

I was lured away to a company with a mission of “creating fun.” In my interview, the CEO and Vice President gushed on about their great culture and low tolerance for bullshit. After being in Corporate America for basically my entire adult life in a job where I couldn’t wear short sleeves (because ice cream tattoos are not part of the dress code), the chance to wear jeans to work, bring a dog into the office, and work a flexible schedule was music to my ears.

I took the bold move, quit my cushy job, and took on this new role.

The position was sold to me as a “Director of Communications and Sales” primarily responsible for communicating with our participants, selling leagues and growing revenue for the company. I was also to be in charge of social media, newsletters, and customer relationship building.

This all seemed like a great fit for the social side of my personality, and I was excited to try sales.

Fast forward two weeks.

I have come home from work crying 4 days out of the last 10. I feel like the world’s biggest idiot. While I know that it’s not true, I still feel like I’ve made the biggest mistake in the world.

Airing dirty laundry does nobody any good, so I’m not going to put them on blast with everything that I’m unhappy with. But there is a list, and due to the company culture, I don’t foresee any of it changing.

So, I’m done. I quit late last week.  I've never done anything like this and it honestly feels a bit crazy. 

I don’t know what is next in the long term. For now, I’m going to work a few part time jobs, join the gig economy and live as frugally as possible. After that, I have dreams of traveling- possible a long distance hike or bike tour.

A large part of me is really excited because I’ve never had freedom like this, but it also scares the living daylight out of me. Here’s to bold moves.