Cambium C19 Saddle Review

I never think about my saddle. I've been riding with the same Brooks B17s for 3 years and it's been fine. Long rides, camping, commuting- it's been fine. 

But now that I work at a bike shop, I get to test things. Shiny new things!

So last week I installed a Cambium All Weather C19 on my bike. And holy God I've never thought about my labia so much while riding bikes before in my life.


First, it's lonnnnnnnnng. When I get off my saddle at an intersection, my crotch and my belly both touch my bike. Weird. 


Second, it's lonnnnnnnnng. I went to get off at a bar tonight and my skirt got stuck and I fell. 



Third, the all weather coating. Sure, it's nice not to slide around, but oh man. Labia, clit, inner thigh city!  

Long story short, I can't wait to take this saddle off and put my normal saddle on.


P.s I'm dreading these last 5 miles home.