I don’t think I’m a big deal, but apparently it’s kind of novel to be a fat woman who rides bikes, camps, has fun and doesn’t apologize for it. Here are a few stories that have been done either about me, or that I’ve actively participated in.


Ella Cycling Tips - Biking While Fat

This site normally features information about training tips, nutrition, the professional peleton, and other resources. They took a risk with my story and it seemed to be well received.

with these thighs.jpg

Ella Cycling Tips - With These Thighs

Another feature by Ella Cycling Tips, this article was about the #withthesethighs project. This was a fun interview and helped widen the audience who was exposed to the project.


Interview with Olivia Round

This fun interview by fellow lady-cyclist Olivia Round was super fun! She asked all sorts of thought provoking questions, and truth be told, her other writings on her site are way better than my interview!